It's finally time!

After much hubbub and deliberation, plus 10,000 hours of work at just over 400 feet below ground, our Wreckroom team of Minions have finally emerged with their completed creation - what they believe is the PERFECT gift for you!

It wasn't easy and a lot of Minion sweat and tears went into it's creation (wait... do minions even sweat???), but after all of that hard work and toil, your personal 7-Day Kickstart Ebook & Recipe Book are now ready for download!

There's just one more SIMPLE step you need to complete to access your ebooks...

In order to access your 7-Day Kickstart ebooks, our Minions have demanded you pass their test of worthiness and answer 17 skill testing questions (all about Minions of course!), jump through 6 literal hoops (yes literal hoops), touch your toes 3 times and walk across a bed of coals!

That's it!

To get started, scroll down!
(Yes, below the obnoxiously large arrow)

Untitled design (1).png

Whew! Look! You found the secret way around the Minion's test!

We're so happy for you! We were worried about that bed of coals!

 Download your ebook below :)

P.s. Just because we KNOW you're going to ask... The Wreckroom Minions absolutely REFUSE to do 1-on-1 Training, so they, much to our disappointment, cannot be your personal trainer... (Something about personal training messing with their physique??)

We agree, it's unfortunate, and we're just as sad as you are :(


Everyone knows NUTRITION is the key to seeing AMAZING RESULTS, so learn EVERYTHING you need to know to see results!

Learn EXACTLY what to do and more importantly HOW TO DO IT in a way that you can actually STICK TO so that your incredible results will last!

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