Personal Trainers at The Wreckroom

No matter where you are on your fitness journey, The Wreckroom has the perfect coach for you! 
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Matt Daciw

Wreckroom Owner | Titan Training | 1-on-1 Training | Powerlifting


Luke Neitsch

Wreckroom Owner | 1-on-1 Training | The Incinerator

Wendy WR Pic.jpg

Wendy Gomes

Tiny N Tuff Fitness | 1-on-1 Training | Olympic Lifting | Powerlifting

Ashley Borden

1-on-1 Training


Ryan Gregnol

RG Fitness | 1-on-1 Training | Online Coaching | Nutrition Coaching | Powerlifting


Erik Lowrick

1-on-1 Training

Jordan .jpg

Jordan Buck

1-on-1 Training



Taveena Kum
Fierce n' Fit

Fierce N Fit | Boxing Bootcamp | Special Needs Boxing Fitness